Planning Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations can be an expensive undertaking, but do not let that deter you. You have many options and sources for funding. Start with these basics: borrow money from friends and family, if available; use your credit cards, or apply for financing from a bank. Look around for free or inexpensive programs for home improvement that match your criteria, whether it be flooring, painting, tile removal, appliances, countertops, backsplash options, and more. Once you have a basic idea of what you want, you can begin to calculate your expenses.

kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations can be broken down into different types, such as: replacing existing cabinets, adding new cabinets, installing new ones, remodeling the flooring, installing lighting fixtures, etc. Most kitchen renovations take place on the kitchen floor. Your budget will determine the kind of flooring you will want to install. It is good to start by reading flooring design magazines to get pictures of the looks you want for your kitchen. Also, check out websites and blogs. You may find some inspiration there.

The most expensive part of any kitchen renovation is purchasing new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and other kitchen appliances. While replacing kitchen cabinets and countertops can be a little costly, they are usually the most noticeable, which can be a determining factor in the design of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet prices can also depend on the material, type, and style.

Your overall budget will help you narrow down the contractor you choose. Do not let the contractor pressure you to select a low-price option without first knowing your budget. As mentioned above, you should estimate your spending for any kitchen remodeling project a long time before the work begins. Do not let your contractor talk you into spending more than your budget allows. If your budget is already very tight, do not be afraid to look for a cheaper option, but be sure to check references.

New appliances can cost a lot more than replacement models. Still, you may be surprised to find that several famous kitchen designers now offer “designer” brands of appliances at prices just below retail. The good news is that these frugal brands have a quality that is just as good as the name-brand counterparts. These “designer” brands are made using the same high-quality materials and skilled labor that you would expect from a name-brand company. A “manufacturer” who has been in business for more than a decade will have already established a reputation in the plumbing industry, and you will probably be able to get the same service and quality for less money.

Some parts of the renovation may require you to use new cabinetry. This can be completed using either new or used cabinet hardware. If you purchase used cabinet hardware, be sure to evaluate the condition of the cabinet components before purchasing thoroughly. Most cabinet dealers provide online photographs of their products and should be able to provide detailed information about them, including any known flaws.

One item of particular importance that you should not neglect during your kitchen planning is your flooring. Your flooring will usually require the most amount of remodeling due to its location under the kitchen cabinets and its often high foot traffic. There are several options available to you. You can choose from tile, laminate, hardwood, or carpeting. Be sure to plan out your budget and consider what will work best in your kitchen space. Also, when choosing tile or another flooring, you should know that many different types of tiles are available on the market today.